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Archived Copies From Pre-2017 Columns Here
Date Published  Title Subjects/Key Words
10/28/2017 How Many Deer Are Too Many? Habitat destruction, Malnourished deer
10/21/2017 Invasive Exotic Plants to Avoid Ligustrum, Chinaberry
10/14/2017 Random Thoughts About Rain Rainfall, Erosion
10/7/2017 What the Experts Are Saying About Taking Care of the Hill Country Loss of habitat, Land Fragmentation
9/30/2017 Nature Is Always Changing....Which Makes It Interesting Galls, Goldfinches Daises
9/23/2017 My Favorite Fall Flowers Maximilian Sunflower, Liatris
9/16/2017 Plants That Bloom After A Rain Cenizo, Retama, Zexmania
9/9/2017 What Is Ecology? Why Is It Important? Ecology, Ecosystem, Habitat
9/2/2017 What Can You Do To Help Take Care Of Our Hill Country Habitat? NPSOT, HCMN, RNC
8/26/2017 Screwworm Fly Eradication: Local Lab Played Major Role In Eliminating the Pest From Texas Screwworm Fly Eradication
8/19/2017 Plant Succession - How Mother Nature Rearranges Her Landscape, and How We are Involved Plant Succession
8/12/2017 Misconceptions We Have About Nature Goldenrod, Ragweed
8/5/2017 Some Common But Inconspicuous Small Native Plants Frog Fruit, Straggler Daisy
7/29/2017 How To Conserve Water AND Save Your Plants This Summer Drip Irrigation, Mulch
7/22/2017 Do Plants Have Calendars? What About Insects? Agaves, Circadas
7/15/2017 What Do Our White-tailed Deer Think About All These Exotics? Animal Behavior
7/8/2017 Rainwater Harvesting: The Basics of Why and How Rainwater Harvesting
7/1/2017 The Backyard Creek Recirculating Water

Some Light, Airy Small Native Trees for Your Landscape

Desert Willow, Eve's Nacklace


Aldo Leopold's Five Tools of Land Management

Axe, Plow, Cow, Fire and Gun


Native Hill Country Vines: Sometimes Forgotten Parts of the Landscape

Grape, Greenbrier, Virginia Creeper


The Evolution of Thinking about Cedar

Invasive Brush, rainwater, interception


The Texas Hill Country: Are We Loving it to Death

Land Fragmentation


The Importance of Mulch, Leaf Litter and Ground Cover

Soil Temperature


Rainwater Catchment: It's More than Tanks and Rain-Barrels

Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens


How the Condition of the Land Affects Runoff and Erosion

Erosion, Grass Cover


Twenty Years in the Life of a Spanish Oak

Saplings, root sprouts


Buckeyes... An Interesting Group of Plants

Three compartment seed pods


Owls - Fascinating Creatures

Ownl, Special Anatomy


Spring in the Hill Country

New Vegetation, Flowers


Trees - Special Parts of Our Lives

Special Trees


Invasive Plants

Opportunistic plants


It is Leaf Exchange Time for Live Oaks



Can We Really Live on Less Natural Resources?

Wind energy, rainwater harvesting


Wildlife Habitat In A Small Backyard

Attracting birds

2/25/17 Ecology 101 for Hill Country Landowners Diversity
2/18/17 Harbingers of Spring Forb Rosettes
2/11/17 Native Habitat in Our Backyard Attracting birds, Native Habitat
2/4/17 Going-Going-Gone Habitat Loss, Exotic Species
1/28/17 Our Native White-Tailed Deer are Resourceful Spineless prickly pear
There is Good Grass Cover This Year
Healthy Grass Plants
Balancing Fire Protection and Native Vegetation
Defensible space
1/7/2017 Land Fragmentation: Is There Enough Room for All of Us?
Human Population





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