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  Archives:  2017, Archived
Date Published  Title Subjects/Key Words
12/29/2018 The Sumac Family of Shrubs Flame-leaf, evergreen
12/22/2018 Ferdinand Roemer - The Hill Country in 1846 Fire, Cedar, Wolves
12/15/2018 Hill Country Winters are Semi-Green Evergreen
12/8/2018 Restoring the Horned Lizard to Central Texas Raising Lizards in the Lab
12/1/2018 Understanding Fall Leaf Drop Chlorophyll, Diciduous
11/24/2018 Detritivores and Decomposers: Natures Recyclers Vultures and Bacteria
11/17/2018 Master Naturalist Graduates its 17th Class More nature volunteers
11/10/2018 The Joy of Watching Nature and How to Spread the Joy Nature is Fun
11/3/2018 The Backyard Creek, Repeat Water feature
10/27/2018 Feral Hogs:  A Growing Problem in Texas Javelins are not Hogs
10/20/2018 Galls: Strange Growths on Trees and Other Plants Gall wasps
10/13/2018 Musings About the Way We Farm, Ranch, and Eat? Irrigation
10/6/2018 What Happened to All the Critters I Used To See? Horney Toad, Turtles
9/29/2018 Tips For Growing Native Plants Partial Shade. No Pesticides
9/22/2018 How Does A Tree Work? Cambium, Xylem, Phloem
9/15/2018 Animals And Their Food Choices Eat most preferred first
9/8/2018 How To Live In The Country Without Spoiling It Capture Rainwater, Conserve
9/1/2018 Hypoxylon: The OTHER Oak Tree Disease Oak Wilt, Fungus
8/25/2018 Predators and Prey: A Complicated, Often Misunderstood Relationship Predators, Prey
8/18/2018 Native Plants and Drought Drought, efficiency of watering
8/11/2018 We Are Lucky To Live In The Hill Country Edwards Plateau, hills
8/4/2018 Can We Save Our Hill Country Water For Future Generations? one water, impervious cover
7/28/2018 Native Animals are Tougher than We Are Shelter
7/21/2018 Lichens and Other Things that Grow on Trees Lichens, Ball Moss, Mistletoe
7/14/2018 How to Make the Most of Your Precious Water in Dry Times Drip Irrigation
7/7/2018/ Which is More Important, Plants or Animals?  Answer: Both Producers, Comsumers
6/30/2018 The Earth is Full Carrying Capacity
6/23/2018 Prickly Weeds of the Hill Country Buffalo Bur, White Prickly Poppy
6/16/2018 Native Hill Country Vines Virginia Creeper, Pearl Milkweed
6/9/2018 New Books About the Natural World in Texas and the Hill Country Seasons at Selah, Natural History of Texas
6/2/2108 Invasive Plants of the Hill Country Ligustrum, Chinaberry, Arundo
5/26/2018 Still More Hill Country Shrubs and Small Trees Eve's necklace, Elbowbush
5/18/2018 Why Do Birds Do That? Choosing mates, displaying
5/12/2018 More Common Hill Country Shrubs Sumacs, Possumhaw
5/5/2018 Riverside Nature Center: A Valuable Community Asset We All Need To Support Non-profit, nature education
4/28/2018 Native Shrubs That Grow In Wet, Shady Areas Buckeyes, Buttonbush
4/21/2018 Native, Evergreen Shrubs of the Hill Country Mountain Laurel, Cenizo
4/14/2018 Moths: Our Nightime "Butterflys" Luna, Hawk
4/7/2018 Some Common Hill Country Trees Other Than Oaks Cypress, Elms, Hackberry
3/31/2018 Hill Country Oaks...More Than Just Live Oaks Shin, Bur, Lacey, Post
3/24/2018 The Natural Food Web; How All Things Are Interconnected Producers, primary consumers
3/17/2018 Animal Behavior:The More You Know, The More Amazing It Is Insect, learned behavior
3/10/2018 Do All These Drizzly/Foggy Days Do Our Vegetation And Land Any Good? Light rains mainly evaporate
3/3/2018 Can We Get Our Land Back Like It Was In The Late 1800s? Gross grass, Cut cedar, Kill deer
2/24/2018 Water: Where It Is, Where It Comes From, Where We Want It Water Cycle
2/17/2018 BioDiversity: More Complicated and Perhaps More Importanat Than We Thought More species, more healthy
2/10/2018 The Odyssey of Atom X, by Aldo Leopold Mountains washing to the sea
2/3/2018 Understanding Farming, Ranching, and Wildlife Management in Texas Wildlife/Ag Valuation
1/27/2018 Native Evergreens Help Soften Our Winter Landscape Mountain Laurel, Cenizo
1/20/2018 Soil: Too Valuable To Be Called Dirt Soil Microorganisms
1/13/2018 Why Birds Matter Birds, Living dinosaurs
1/6/2018 Winter Has Arrived! Deciduous, Evergreen





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