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  Archives: 2019, 2018, 2017, Archived
Date Published  Title Subjects/Key Words
12/26/2020 The Odyssey of Atom X  
12/19/2020 Exotic Ungulates in the Hill Country  
12/12/2020 Nature Up Close - Observing Little Things of Wonder  
12/5/2020 Beauty and Nature: In The Eye Of The Beholder?  
11/28/2020 In Defense Of Cows  
11/21/2020 Invasive Plants To Avoid In The Hill Country  
11/14/2020 Soil: Too Valuable To Be Called Dirt  
11/7/2020 Winter Is Coming  
10/31/2020 Cottontails and Jackrabbits: It Wouldn't Be Texas Without Them  
10/24/2020 Animal Behavior: The More You Know, The More Amazing It Is  
10/17/2020 Plant Succession: How Mother Nature Rearranges Her Landscape, and How We Are Involved  
10/10/2020 Grass and Trees and God  
10/3/2020 Life In Early Texas, Books To Read About Early Texans  
9/26/2020 The Underground World of Roots  
9/19/2020 Listening to the Experts  
9/12/2020 Some Truly Amazing Things About Mother Nature  
9/5/2020 Twenty Years in the Life of the "Squirrel Tree"  
8/29/2020 Plants Less Likely to be Eaten by Deer Texas Mountain Laurel
8/22/2020 Two Common But Unusual Mammals Armadillo, Possum
8/15/2020 Does It Matter How Rural Property is Managed? Water Conservation
8/8/2020 Two of Our Most Common Mammals Raccoon, Skunk
8/1/2020 Habitat - It Is Where We All Live Native habitats
7/25/2020 Saving Water and Plants in the Hot Dry Summer Ground Cover
7/18/2020 Seed Dispersal: Observing Nature at Work Saplings from far away
7/11/2020 Different Habitats found in the Hill Country Woodlands, Grasslands
7/4/2020 The Most Common Shrubs and Vines of the Hill Country Agarita, Virginia Creeper
6/27/2020 Where Did Our Native Plants and Animals Come From? Pliestocene
6/20/2020 Nature May Be the Best Medicine for These Trying Times Nature Walk
6/13/2020 Leaves - Simple, Complex, Essential for Life Chlorophyl
6/6/2020 Some of the Most Common Flowers of the Hill Country Mexican Hat
5/30/2020 You'll Miss Them When They're Gone All insects
5/23/2020 Universal Beneficence of Grass-John James Ingalls Grass
5/16/2020 Eighty Years After the Dust Bowl, Have We Learned Enough? Causes of Erosion
5/9/2020 Which Native Animals Could Cause You The Most Harm? Surprise!
5/2/2020 The Do's and Don'ts for an Inviting Backyard Wildlife Habitat Food and Water
4/25/2020 A Lifetime Involved With Nature David Attenborough
4/18/2020 More Observations From Around The Yard Redbud, Mountain Laurel, root sprouts
4/11/2020 Observations From Around The Yard Bluebonnets, Ratama
4/4/2020 More Less-Than Favorite Native Plants Cedar, Persimmon, Nightshade
3/28/2020 In Defense of Prickly Pear Tunas. Nurse Plants
3/21/20250 What Is the Most Valuable Part of Your Land? Soil Organisms
3/14/2020 Where Can We Get More Water? Conservation, Reuse
3/7/2020 Ecological Conscience: Part II We ALL need one
2/29/2020 Ecosystem Services Drought and Flood Control
2/22/2020 Ecological Conscience: Part I Land Stewardship
2/15/2020 Leopold: Thinking Like A Mountain Leopold on Predators
2/82020 Oak Trees Make The Hill Country Special Post, Live, Shin,
2/1/2020 The Big Four Forbs of Texas Illinois bundleflower
1/25/2020 It Ain't What We Don't Know Riparian areas
1/18/2020 Leopold on Predator Control Predators and Prey
1/11/2020 Our Landscape Should Go Scruffy Wildlife Habitat
1/4/2020 How Fast Are We Losing Our Trees No Replacement Trees
12/28/2019 The Big Four Grasses of the Tall Grass Prairie Little Bluestem
12/21/2019 Aldo Leopold: The Tools of Land Management Axe, Plow, Cow, Fire
12/14/2019 Understanding Aquifers: What They Are and What They Are Not Porous, Permeable
12/7/2019 How Much Rain Did You Keep? Erosion, Runoff
11/30/2019 How Much Brush is Too Much Brush? Cedar
11/23/2019 Aldo Leopold: The Land Ethic The Land Ethic
11/16/2019 Invasive Exotic Grasses are Reducing the Diversity of Our Native Habitat Buffel and Guinea Grass
11/9/2019 What Our Common Native Critters Eat Herbivores, Carnivores
11/2/2019 Aldo Leopold: The Man, His Ideas, His Philosophy Leopold's Ideas
10/26/2019 So Many Native Plants, Why Plant Exotics? Habitat Needs Natives
10/19/2019 Dead Plant Material is Valuable Recycle Plant Material
10/12/2019 SAVE EVERYTHING! We don't know enough
10/5/2019 What Happened to Our Horney Toads? Loss of habitat
9/28/2019 When Is A Bug Not An Insect Spiders, Scorpions
9/21/2019 Can The World Continue To Feed Everyone? Food Choices
9/14/2019 We Need To Be Better Citizens Of The Earth Footprint
9/7/2019 Coyotes: Rural and Urban Urban Habitiat
8/31/2019 Have You Ever Seen A Biological Soil Crust? Water Saver
8/24/2019 The Chemistry Of Photosynthesis And The Carbon Cycle Carbon Cycle
8/17/2019 Animal Society Is Varies, Complex, and Mysterious Animal Groups
8/10/2019 Nature Is Not Neat Nature
8/3/2019 Watching A Bug Crawl Through The Grass Nature
7/27/2019 Native Hill Country Plants That Need Our Help Spanish Oaks
7/20/2019 It Would Be Easy To Become A Pessimist, But Human Nature Compels Us Not To Be Nature lost
7/13/2019 Non-Native Plants And Animals: A Real Problem Guinea grass
7/6/2109 Bacteria And Fungi: Essential Organisms For Life As We Know It Mycorrhiza
6/29/2019 The Organization of All Life on Earth Kngdoms
6/22/2019 Imperious Surfaces: How Modern Cities Disprupt Natural Ecosystems Impervious Surfaces
6/15/2019 Less Common Trees and Shrubs II Big-tooth Maple
6/8/2019 Less Common Trees and Shrubs I Rusty Blackhaw
6/1/2019 Landscapes Like Mother Nature Grows Plant diversity
5/25/2019 Americans Before Columbus: What They Had, What They Didn't Horses, Livestock
5/18/2019 Does It Matter How Everyone Manages Their Land? Water Capture, Erosion
5/11/2019 Lessons From The Old Timers Landscape in the 1900s
5/4/2019 The Carbon Cycle:  Another Way Mother Nature Recycles Everything Photosynthesis
4/27/2019 The Nitrogen Cycle:  Essential, Complicated,and Altered By Man Nitrogen
4/20/2019 The Lightning Tree Fell Down Natural Forces
4/13/2019 Out Texas Hill Country:  Are We Loving It To Death? Habitat Lost
4/6/2019 Watching Nature from My Window Backyard Critters
3/30/2019 "Ecosystem Services: Essential to Life ut Almost Never Considered" Making Life Possible
3/23/2019 Changes Observed as Winter Turns into Spring Dates for New Leaves
3/16/2019 Are We Smart Enough to "Improve" on Mother Nature? Exotics Vs Native
3/9/2019 "Saving the Water and Soil Must sSart Where the First Raindrop Falls" Capturing Rainwater
3/2/2019 How Do Trees Without Leaves Make New Leaves in the Spring? Photosynthesis
2/23/2019 Oh No!  Poor Live Oak Unnecessary Tree Pruning
2/16/2019 The Big Three problems facing land managers in the Hill Country Grazing, Browsing cedar
2/9/2019 What is the Ideal Hill Country habitat? Diversity
2/2/2019 Learning from the Master - David Bamberger Seasons at Selah
1/26/2019 The Fickle Rainfall of the Hill Country Too much, too little
1/19/2019 Legumes: An Interesting, Important, Diverse Family of Plants Peas, beans, pods
1/12/2019 Habitat Changes in the Hill Country since Modern Humans moved in Overgrazing, cedar
1/15/2019 Plants with Prickles are not ALL Bad Mesquite, Agarita cacti





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