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Kerrville Daily Times Columns Archived
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Date Published  Title Subjects/Key Words
12/31/2016 A Year in the Life of a Tree Leaves, roots
12/24/2016 Observing Little Wonders of Nature Spiders, lizards, squirrels
12/17/2016 Books for Christmas Gifts and Winter Reading About Nature and Texas Nature Books
12/10/2016 Some Interesting Facts About Coyotes Coyotes, urban
What Exclosures Can Tell Us About Our Native Habitats
11/26/2016 Is Our Land Healthy? Biodiverse, sustainable
11/19/2016 Well-Timed Rains Have Made for a Bumper Crop of Native Vegetation Indian grass
11/12/2016 A Glimpse of the Hill Country in 1846 Ferdinand Roemer
The Littlest Creatures Can be Truly Amazing
Spiders, butterflies, insects
10/29/2016 Some of the More Common Hill Country Shrubs Agarita, Texas persimmon, Texas mountain laurel, possumhaw
10/22/2016 Will Our Parks Become Obsolescent? National Parks
10/15/2016 Our Most Common Hill Country Trees Oaks, cedar elm, hackberry, escarpment black cherry
10/8/2016 Learning the Names of Our Native Plants Common Names, scientific names
Our Late Summer Rains Were Great for Our Fall Bloomers
Gay-feather, Maximilian sunflower, common sunflower, zexmenia
9/24/2016 Screwworm Fly Eradication.  Local Lab Played a Major Role in Eradicting This Pest from Texas Sterile Flies, Deer population
9/17/2016 In Defense of Cows Cattle, 4-H
9/10/2016 The Ogallala Aquifer.  Lessons for Us All Ogallala, Edwards, Trinity
Three Native Hill Country Small Mammals. Two Big Rats and a Pseudo Cat
Porcupine, Beaver, Ringtail
8/27/2016 Rain:  First Too LIttle, Then Too Much
Rainfall amounts
8/20/2016 The Teachings and Philosophy of Aldo Leopold Leopold, Land Ethic
8/13/2016 Want to be Healthier?  Spend More Time with Nature
Healing Power of Nature
Rain Makes Us Happy
Wilting, Soil moisture
7/30/2016 Native Woody Plants with Long Bloom Periods Desert Willow, Texas lantana
7/23/2016 Beauty, and Nature, in the Eye of the Beholder Native habitat, understory
7/16/2016 Grasses, Soil, Erosion, Water Catchment--All Connected Grass, soil, erosion, water catchment
7/9/2016 Watching Nature in the Backyard Swallows, armadillos
Cedar: More Complex Than We Think

Cedar, Ashe Juniper
6/25/2016 Watching Barn Swallows Raise a Family Barn Swallows
6/18/2016 The Most Common Grasses of the Hill Country Big Four grasses, native bunch grasses
6/11/2016 RAIN: It Changes Everything Rain, Vegetation
How to Become More Involved with Nature-Realted Activities
Master Naturalist, NPSOT
5/28/2016 How Can We Protect the Hill Country? State Parks, Conservation
5/21/2016 A Spring Walk Around the House Spring flowers, blooming shrubs
5/14/2016 There is Still Very Well-Managed Land in the Hill Country Land Stewardship, Habitat versus Profit
The Texas Hill Country.  How We Got Here
Ideal Place
4/30/2016 A Weekend Learning About Cedar, Soil and Water Cedar clearing, land restoration
4/23/2016 Diversity: A Key Concept in Biology, Ecology and Ecosystems Diversity, native habitat
4/16/2016 Mr. Texas Bluebonnet, Carroll Abbott, A Previous Kerrville Resident Carroll Abbott, NPSOT
4/9/2016 Cotton Tails and Jack Rabbits: It Wouldn't be Texas Without Them Cotton tails, Jack Rabbits
The Backyard Cedar Tree
Cedar, squirrels, birds
3/26'2016 Its Great to be in the Hill Country on  a Day Like This Bumblebees, barn swallows, blooms
3/19/16 Exotic Animals  and the Problems They Cause Feral ungulates, hogs, cats
Hill Country Wild Turkeys
Rio Grande Wild Turkeys, Gobblers

Land Fragmentation
Land fragmentation
Hill Country Squirrels
Mexican ground squirrel, rock squirrel, Eastern fox squirrel
2/20/2016 Winter Butterflies Red Admiral, painted lady, orange sulphur, variegated fritillary
2/13/2016 A Visit with Laura Broyles of the Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Conservation Service, NRCS
2/6/2016 What Do We Want to Happen to Rainwater and What Does Cedar Have to do With It? Should Water Soak In or Run Off?
We Should Listen to Teddy Roosevelt
Conservation of Natural resources
1/23/2016 A Visit with Rufus Stephens of Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. Wildlife management, habitat management
1/16/2016 Two Hill Country Residents that are as Smart as Foxes Gray fox, red fox
1/9/2016 Grass and Trees and God A Fable

Life in Early Texas.  Books to Read About Early Texans

12/262015 The Underground World of Roots Tap, lateral and fibrous roots, micorrhizae, rhizobium
12/19/2015  A Visit With County Extension Agent Roy Walston 4-H, stock shows, farmers, ranchers
12/12/2015  Some Truly Amazing Things About Mother Nature insects, monarchs, butterflies, seeds
12/05/2015  Listening to the Experts  AgriLife Extension, TPWD, TFS, USDA/NRCS
11/28/2015 An Example of Good Land Management Bamberger Ranch Preserve
11/21/2015 Two Common but Strange Hill Country Critters Opossum, armadillo
11/13/2015 Observations on a Year of Extremes Wet spring, dry sumjmer, wet fall
11/6/2015 Plants Less Likely to be Eaten by Deer Cenizo, evergreen sumac, Texas mountain laurel, agarita, Mexican silktassel
10/30/2015 What Can You Plant that Won't be Eaten by Deer? Deer food choices
10/23/2015 Does it Matter How Rural Land is Managed? Land Stewardship
10/14/2015 Two or Our Most Common Mammals Raccoons, skunks
10/9/2015 The Basics of Oak Wilt Live oaks, red oaks
10/2/2015 Lightning Hits a Favorite Tree Vascular system destroyed, bark blown off
9/25/2015 Habitat--It's Where We All Live Food, water & shelter
9/18/2015 Nature's Recovery After the Bastrop Fire Old seeds respond to fire
9/11/2015 Soil for Water?? Healthy soil, soil organic matter
8/21/2015 Saving Water and Plants in the Hot Dry Summer Evaporation, mowing
8/14/2015 Seed Dispersal:  Observing Mother Nature at Work Root sprouts, seeds
8/7/2015 Watching Nature Adapt to Changing Conditions Texas wintergrass, variations in rainfall
7/31/2015 The Most Common Shrubs and Vines of the Hill Country Agarita, Texas persimmon, greenbriar
7/24/2015 Watching Our Backyard Wildlife Birds, Squirrels, feeders, "creek"
7/17/2015 Where Did Our Native Plants and Animals Come From?  And How Can We Keep Them? Native Species, evolved together, biodiversity
7/10/2015 The Water--Cedar Connection.  Its more Complicated Than You Think Rainwater capture by vegetation, erosion
7/03/2015 Leaves--Common, complex, Essential to Live as We Know It Photosynthesis, evapotranspiration
6/26/2015 Some of the Most Common Wildflowers of the Hill Country Mexican hat, mealy blue sage, prairie verbena, frostweed, cowpen daisy
6/19/2015 The Universal Beneficence of Grass John James Ingalls
6/12/2015 Storm Damage Along Your Creek?  Don't Rush to Clean Up too Much Riparian Areas
6/5/2015 Yes We Still Have to Conserve Water Drought Monitor
5/29/2015 Eighty Years After the Dust Bowl: Have We Learned Enough? Erosion, sand storms, drought
5/22/2015 Which Native Animals Could Cause You the Most Harm? Rattlesnakes, spiders, hogs, mountain lions, deer
5/15/2015 Some Native Hill Country Trees Other than Oaks Cypress, cedar elm, escarpment black cherry, hackberry, pecan, sycamore, walnut
5/8/2015 A Lifetime Involved with Nature David Attenborough
4/24/2015 The Do's and Don'ts for an Inviting Backyard Wildlife Habitat Food, water, shelter, cover
4/17/2015 Choose a Tree for the Site, Not a Site for the Tree Growth characteristics, requirements
4/10/2015 Why Native Plants and Not Exotics? Native Habitat
4/3/2015 Other Less-Than-Favorite Native Plants Cedar, hackberry, buffalo bur, ball moss
3/27/2015 In Defense of Prickly Pear Diversity, pollinators, cover, nursery
3/20/2015 Surviving the Winter When You Only Weigh Half an Ounce Finches, food as fuel
3/13/2015 What is the Most Valuable Part of Your Land? Soil, minerals, organic, microorganisms, water, air
3/6/2015 Where Can We Get More Water? Reservoirs, desalinization, reuse, conservation
2/27/2015 Stop, Look and Listen:  One Year of Visits to the Nature Trail Sit still to really see nature
2/20/2015 Oak Trees: They Make the Hill Country Special Red oaks, white oaks
2/13/2015 Bird nests Show the Ingenuity of Our Little Feathered Friends Wrens, titmice, chickadees, fly catchers
2/6/2015 Winter Along the Nature Trail Feral hogs, dead limbs, need to cage young trees
1/30/2015 The Backyard Creek Bird baths, recirculating creek
1/23/2015 The Big Four Native Perennial Forbs of Texas Bush sunflower, Engelmann daisy, Illinois bundleflower, Maximilian sunflower
1/16/2015 Living With Native Wildlife Humans vs. Native Habitat
1/9/2015 It Ain't What We Don't Know, That Pains Us So Riparian Areas, misconceptions
1/2/2015  "Society has an Indoor Kid Issue"  Nature-Deficit Disorder, LANDS Program
12/26/2014 Aldo Leopold's Five Tools of Land Management Axe, plow, cow, fire, gun
12/19/2014 Good Books about Nature and Texas for Winter Reading Aldo Leopold, John Graves, David Langford, Ricky Linex
12/12/2014 More Views from Stops Along the Nature Trail Mealy blue sage, exotic animals, feral hogs
12/5/2014 It Has Been a Good Year for Grass Native grasses, Nature's sponge
11/28/14 Nature's Calendar Photoperiod, phytochrome
11/21/14 What Makes the Leaves Change Color? Chlorophyll, nighttime hours
11/14/14 How Fast are We Losing Our Trees? No replacement hardwoods
11/7/2014 Watching Deer and Grass on the Nature Trail Texas wintergrass, KR bluestem, Deer
10/31/2014 The View from the Back Porch on a Beautiful October Morning Fall wildflowers, Gregg's mistflower, butterflies, monarch
10/24/2014 The Big Four Grasses of the Tall Grass Prairie Little bluestem, big bluestem, yellow indiangrass, switchgrass
10/17/2014 Understanding Aquifers Porosity, permeability, recharge
10/10/2014 How Much Rain Did You Keep? Impervious surfaces, rainwater infiltration
10/3/2014 More Time Spent on the Nature Trail. Plant Sale Rocks, Plant Sale
9/26/2014 We Have Nice Wildflowers in the Fall Too Tall Goldenrod, gayfeather, maximilian sunflower
9/19/2014 How Much Brush is Too Much Brush? Diversity, moderation
9/12/2014 What Happened to Our Horney Toads? Horned lizards, box turtles, quail
9/5/2014 How to Make Your Garden Look Natural Plant randomly
8/29/2014 Just-In-Time Rain Wilting, dropping leaves
8/22/2014 What Our Common Native Critters Eat Herbivores, omnivores, carnivores
8/15/2014 What a Difference a Fence Makes Volunteer plants
8/8/2014 Dead Plant Material is Valuable.  Don't Throw it Away Nutrient recycling, erosion prevention
8/1/2014 Sitting Around the Nature Trail in Mid-July Feral cats, dung beetles
7/25/2014 When is a Bug Not an Insect? Daddy-long-legs, spiders, scorpions
7/18/2014 What Should We Do When There is Not Enough Water? Allocation of Water Resources
7/11/2014 Is It a Weed or a Wildflower? Bluebonnet, mexican hat
7/4/2014 Invasive Exotic Grasses are Reducing the Diversity of our Native Habitat Invasive, exotic grasses
6/27/2014 If You Love Nature, You Should Become a Master Naturalist Texas Master Naturalist
6/20/2014 Rainwater Harvesting: The Basics of Why and How Tanks, pumps, gallons/rain
6/13/2014 A Fun Morning Sitting and Watching Nature Jackrabbits, squirrels
6/6/2014 Our Oak Population is Declining Blackjack oaks, no young sprouts
5/30/2014 Can the World Continue to Feed Everyone? Agriculture, population increase, food demand.
5/23/2014 Coyotes: Rural and Urban Urban habitat
5/16/2014 The Chemistry of Photosynthesis and The Carbon Cycle chlorophyll, renewable and non-renewable energy
5/9/2014 Have You Ever Seen a Biological Soil Crust? soil crust, cyanobacteria
5/2/2014 March and April Walks along the Nature Trail agarita, turkeys, birds nesting
4/25/2014 Of Bees and Butterflies and Other Sad Tales bee colony collapse, loss of larval plants
4/18/2014 Humans Make Life Tough for Wildlife habitat destruction, pollution
4/11/2014 Random Observations on a Sunny Early Spring Day jays, leaf exchange
4/4/2014 World Water Day--It Should be Everyday Severe drought, landscape watering, native lawns and shrubs
3/28/2014 Oh! The Joys of Early Spring Plums, redbuds, wrnes, chickadees, hummingbirds
3/21/2014 New Public Land for the Hill Country New State Natural Area, ABK
3/14/2014 First Observations Along the Nature Walk Blackbuck, hypoxylon, dead trees
3/7/2014 Bees, Butterflies and Blooms in Winter? elbowbush, honeybees, overwintering insects
2/21/2014 Animal Society is Varied, Complex and Mysterious Flocks, herds, packs, pairs, families
2/18/2014 A Nature Walk to Observe Changes Around Us Nature walk
2/14/2014 Where to Find Our Most Common Native Trees Growing Hillsides, alluvial soil
2/7/2014 Nature is Not Neat Mother Nature, non-native landscapes
1/31/2014 Native Hill Country Plants That Need Our Help Spanish Oak, Blackjack oak, Blanco crabapple, Big red sage
1/24/2014 Where Do Our Wildlife Find Their Food? browse, forbs, grass, acorns, berries, beans
1/17/2014 Non-Native Plants and Animals: A Real Problem Invasive grasses, KR bluestem, Guinea grass, buffelgrass
1/10/2014 Bacteria and Fungi: Essential to Life as we Know it Nitrogen, nitrates, proteins, root hairs
1/3/2014 Watching Whooping Cranes in Texas Endangered species, environmental flows, bluecrabs
12/27/2013 The Organization of All Life on Earth Monera, Protista, Plantae, Fungi, Anamalia
12/20/2013 Water: Conserve it, Capture it, Keep it Clean Water culture, conserve, capture, pollutants
12/13/2013 It's Not Winter Yet December butterflies, blooming shrubs, different leaf colors
12/6/2013 Holiday Gifts to Spread the Love of Nature Nature Books
11/29/2013 Some Less-Common Trees and Shrubs of the Texas Hill Country Part II Bigtooth maple, Eve's necklace, silktassel, buckeyes, toothache, spicebush, barberry
11/22/2013 Deer Hunting in the Hill Country Deer overpopulation, hunting
11/15/2013 Some Less-Common Trees and Shrubs of the Texas Hill Country Basswood, maple, crabapple, madrone, goldenball leadtree, buckeye
11/8/2013 Nature's Response to Rain and a Change of Seasons Bare ground, litter dams, erosion, changes
11/1/2013 Lessons from the Old Timers Cedar, Erosion, springs
10/25/2013 My Favorite Fall Flowers Maximilian sunflower, goldenrod, Gregg's mistflower, cowpen daisy
10/18/2013 Landscapes Like Mother Nature Grows species diversity, random growth, monocultures
10/11/2013 Americans Before Columbus hunter-gatherers, European livestock and foods
10/4/2013 And Then The Rains Came! Grass greening up, new leaves, gray grass, brown grass
9/27/2013 The Lightning Tree Fell Down Lightning, post oak, blackjack oak
9/20/2013 Watching Nature from my Window Titmice, hummingbirds, raccoon
9/13/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: Part IX Twice pinnately compound, bipinnate, trifoleate
9/6/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: Part VIII Compound alternate leaves
8/30/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: Part VII Simple, opposite, entire and toothed
8/23/2013 Are Our Trees Dying? What Can We Do? Drought, stress, watering
8/16/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: Part VI Simple, alternate, lobed, oaks
8/9/2013 Surviving Another Hot, Dry Summer Save water, water wisely, mulch, drip irrigation
8/2/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: Part V Simple, alternate toothed margins
7/26/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: part IV Simple, alternate, entire margins
7/19/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub identification: Part III Vines, grape, greenbrier, Virginia creeper, trumpet creeper
7/12/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: Part II Leaf type, arrangement, margin, shape size
7/5/2013 Guide to Tree and Shrub Identification: Part I Tree Key, leaf characteristics
6/28/2013 Are We Polluting our Water? Pollution, point source and non-point source pollution
6/21/2013 The Carbon Cycle: Another way Mother Nature Recycles Everything Photosynthesis, burning
6/14/2013 Natures Clean-Up Crew: Vultures Help Mother Nature Recycle Nutrient recycling, bald & turkey vultures, caracara
6/7/2013 The Nitrogen Cycle: Essential, Complicated and Altered by Man Nitrogen Cycle, Legumes, Fertilizer
5/31/2013 Where to go to Enjoy and Learn about Nature Hill Country State Parks, Master Naturalists
5/24/2013 Woody Plants in the Rose and Elm Families Crabapple, plum, cherry, hackberries, elms
5/17/2013 Are We Smart Enough to "Improve" Mother Nature? Unintended consequences, invasive exotics
5/10/2013 Changes Observed as Winter Turns into Spring New leaves and blooms
5/3/2013 The Most Detrimental Invasive Exotic Plants Chinaberry, ligustrum, giant reed
4/26/2013 "Saving the Water and the Soil Must Start Where the First Raindrop Falls" Erosion, rainwater capture
4/19/2013 Why the Condition of Hill Country Rangeland Matters to All of Us Healthy habitat, rainwater capture
4/12/2013 How to Best Manage Hill Country Rangeland Overgrazing, overbrowsing, cedar encroachment
4/5/2013 How do Trees Make New Leaves in the Spring? Photosynthesis, carbohydrates, sugars
3/29/2013 The Big Three Problems in Managing for Better Habitat Overgrazing, overbrowsing, cedar encroachment
3/22/2013 The Amazing Monarch Butterfly Monarchs, migration, milkweeds
3/14/2013 What is the Ideal Hill Country Habitat? Habitat functions
3/7/2013 Some Hill Country Trees and Shrubs of the Legume Family Pea pods, mesquite
2/28/2013 Legumes: An Interesting, Important, Diverse Family of Plants Pea family, "fixing" nitrogen, legumes
2/21/2013 Habitat Changes in the Hill Country European settlers, habitat change
2/14/2013 The Sumac Family of Native Shrubs Aromatic, Prairie Flameleaf, Evergreen, Littleleaf sumacs
2/7/2013 A Glimpse of the Hill Country in 1846 Ferdinand Roemer, Lindheimer, prairie fires
1/31/2013 Some Thoughts on Our Water Future Drought, Conservation
1/24/2013 Wildlife Have to Survive Year Round Animals need year-round food, shelter
1/17/2013 Plants with Prickles are Not All Bad Prickly pear, Agarita, nurse plants
1/10/2013 Books for Winter Reading about Nature and Texas Aldo Leopold, Roy Bedichek, John Graves
1/3/2013 Hill Country Winters are Semi-Green Tx. mountain laurel, Cenizo, Evergreen sumac
12/27/2012 The Other Common Oaks in the Hill Country Red, White, Spanish, Post, Blackjack, Shin, Lacey, Chinquapin
12/20/2012 Lessons Learned from the Dust Bowl Overgrazing, overplowing, wind erosion, how not to treat the land
12/13/2012 Cochineal Bugs Cochineal, cactus bugs
12/6/2012 Leaves: Don't Throw Away Nature's Resources mulch, compost, soil insulation
11/22/2012 Native Yellow Flowers in Fall Maximilian sunflower, Engelmann daisy, cowpen daisy
11/15/2012 Fall Leaf Drop Evergreen, deciduous, chlorophyll, DNA
11/8/2012 The Joy of Watching Nature ants, dragonflies, lizards
11/1/2012 Aldo Leopold Aldo Leopold, Land Ethic, A
Sand County Almanac
10/25/2012 Life Around the Backyard Creek water feature, frogs, toads
10/18/2012 Fall in the Hill Country Fall color, natural areas
10/04/2012 Feral Hogs: A Growing Problem in Texas Feral hogs, diseases
9/20/2012 Red Harvester Ants: A Lesson About Man and Nature Red harvester ants, fire ants, horned toads
9/13/2012 Cedar: A Bad Thing or Too Much of a Good Thing? Managing cedar, juniper
9/6/2012 Mowing: Time to Rethink Old Habits? Mowing, stolons, non-native lawn grasses
8/30/2012 The Ubiquitous Live Oak Live oak, Quercus fusiformis
8/23/2012 Galls: Strange Growths on Trees and Other Plants Galls
8/16/2012 Fears of Nature Greatly Exaggerated Nature safer than home, snakes uncommon
8/9/2012 Browselines Browers, woody plant leaves, habitat destruction
8/2/2012 Drip Irrigation Conserving water, soaker hoses, inline emitter tubing
7/26/2012 Tips for Growing Native Plants Keep native volunteers, dappled shade, no pesticides
7/19/2012 Tree Families of the Hill Country Plant families, gymnosperm, angiosperm
7/12/2012 Life and Changes on a One Acre Piece of The Hill Country Part II Root sprouts, saplings, replacement hardwoods
7/5/2012 Life and Changes on a One Acre Piece of The Hill Country Part I Exclosures, root sprouts, hypoxylon
6/28/2012 Energy and the Natural World Food Chain, photosynthesis, herbivores
6/21/2012 How Does a Tree Work? Xylem, phloem, evapotranspiration, sugar
6/14/2012 The Joy of Watching Nature Nature in you backyard, watching nature
6/7/2012 Why Native Plants? Natives evolved here, Exotics, invasives
5/31/2012 Animals and Their Food Choices Favorite foods, deer resistant
5/24/2012 What Has Happened to Our Land? Development, impervious surfaces, loss of agricultural land
5/17/2012 What Happened to All the Critters I Used to See? Horned toads, box turtles, quail, mourning dove
5/10/2012 How to Learn to Identify Native Plants Grasses, forbs, trees & shrubs,
5/3/2012 Seeds: The Most Important Part of the Plant Germination, pollination
4/26/2012 FREE: Advice and Help for Landowners From the Experts AgriLife Extension, Tx Parks and Wildlife, USDA/NRCS, Tx Forest Service
4/19/2012 Small Changes in the Environment Can Have Large, Unexpected Consequences Chaos theory, tinkering with nature unintended consequences
4/12/2012 Bugs: We Couldn't Live Without Them Insects, pollinators, food for animals, insecticides
4/5/2012 This is a Good year For Weeds--Or Wildflowers Forbs, early succession plants
3/29/2012 It's Not how Much Rain You Get, But How Much You Keep Runoff, erosion, bare dirt
3/22/2012 Hypoxylon: The OTHER Tree Disease Oak wilt, drought stress
3/15/2012 Lichens and Other Things That Grow on Trees Fungi, algae, ball moss, mistletoe, epiphyte
3/8/2012 Water, Our Most Precious Resource. What We Have is All We Will Ever Have Aquifer, precious resource, conservation
3/01/2012 Bare Dirt: What You Don't Want on Your Land Raindrops, erosion, bare ground
2/23/2012 Do We Really Have Any "Natural Areas" Anymore? Wilderness, diverse, sustainability, healthy
2/16/2012 Predators and Prey Coyotes, predators, prey, healthy sustainable ecosystems
2/9/2012 Bamberger Ranch Preserve Examples of Good Land Stewardship
2/2/2012 Nature is Interesting Even in Winter Texas wintergrass, goldfinches, robins, roadrunners, bats
1/26/2012 What Landowners can do to Help Save our Native Texas Create an Oasis, Do no Harm, Share Your Space
1/19/2012 Parks, Natural Areas and Wildlife Refuges National Wildlife refuges, parks, natural areas
1/12/2012 Demonstration of the Properties of Native Grasses Soil organisms, soil porosity, rainwater infiltration
1/5/2012 Native Animals are Tougher Than We Are Native animals, shelter
12/29/2011 Deer are Picky Eaters Deer food preferences
12/22/2011 We are Lucky to Live in the Hill Country Hill Country, Edwards Plateau
12/15/2011 Which is More Important, Plants or Animals? Native plants, native animals, native habitat
12/8/2011 Helping Native Plants Through the Winter Drought Water, Mimic Mother Nature, Don't rake leaves
12/1/2011 Nurse Plants. How Young Plants Survive the Deer Prickly pear, Agarita, Nurse plant
11/29/2011 Animal Behavior Studies instinct, innate behavior, triggers, learned behavior
11/24/2011 What Makes the Leave Change Color Chlorophyll, Fall color
11/17/2011 What You Can do to Help Conserve Our Native Texas Volunteer activities, Nature education
11/10/2011 What is so Important About Native Plants Native plnts, invasives, exotics
11/3/2011 Prickly Weeds of the Hill Country Buffalo bur, Western horse-nettle, Silver-leaf nightshade, White prickly poppy
10/27/2011 A Plea to Hunters: Take More Does Overpopulation of Deer
10/20/2011 A Naturalist's Walk Around the Yard Flora and Fauna inside a fence
10/13/2011 More Drought Talk Drought, Reduce Stocking Rates
10/6/2011 The Natural Food Web Food web, diversity
9/29/2011 Nature Festival at Riverside Native Plant Sale
9/22/2011 Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow Red oaks, white oaks
9/15/2011 The Odyssey of Atom X Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac
9/8/2011 Native Succulents of the Hill Country Succulents, yucca, sotol, nolina
9/1/2011 What it the Drought Doing to Our Native Trees and Grasses Drought, Native Trees, Grasses, soaker hose
8/25/2011 The Earth Is Full Carrying capacity, population
8/18/2011 Erosion Soil, sheet erosion, bare ground, grasses prevent erosion
8/11/2011 How the Drought is Affecting Our Native Wildlife Effects of drought on insects, birds and other animals
8/4/2011 Three More Native Hill Country Small Mammals Porcupine, Beaver, Ringtail
7/28/2011 Where You Can Go For Help and To Learn More About the Natural World AgriLife Extension, TPWD, TFS, NRCS, TMN, NPSOT
7/21/2011 Some Nature and Texas Natural History Books Recommended Aldo Leopold, Roy Bedichek, Elmer Kelton, John Graves
7/14/2011 The Water Cycle Evaporation, evapotranspiration, hydrologic cycle
7/7/2011 The Myths and Reality of Hill Country Cedar Cedar, Juniper, rainwater interception, cedar encroachment, cedar management
6/30/2011 Native Hill Country Vines Grape, Virginia creeper, greenbrier, dewberry
6/23/2011 Riparian Areas Riparian, reduce erosion, hold soil, stabilizer
6/16/2011 Exotic Ungulates of The Hill Country Axis, Fallow, Sika, Blackbuck, Aoudad
6/9/2011 How to Conserve Water AND Save Your Plants Drought, Conserve water, drip irrigation, mulch
6/2/2011 Plants are Pretty Amazing Too Energy and Chemicals stored in seeds
5/26/2011 The Blackjack Oak and the Squirrel Family Blackjack Oak, Hollow Tree, Hypoxylon, Squirrels
5/19/2011 How Fast Are We Losing Hardwoods in the Hill Country? Losing Hardwoods, no replacement trees
5/12/2011 Is it a Drought Yet? Part 2 Drought, Native plants, expect drought
5/5/2011 How to Protect your home from a Wildfire Wildfire preparedness, fire ladder, Ready Set Go
4/28/2011 Is it a Drought Yet? Drought, water conservation, mulch, drip
4/21/2011 Native Grasses, Most important Thing in the Landscape Little bluestem, big bluestem, indiangrass, switchgrass, sideoats grama, KR bluestem
4/14/2011 Native Plants You Can Grow in Your Garden big red sage, Maximilian Sunflower, mealy blue sage, Englemann daisy Damianita
4/7/2011 Invasive Plants in the Hill Country Exotic plants, Chinaberry, Chinese tallow
3/31/2011 Cottontails and Jackrabbits cottontails, jackrabbits
3/24/2011 Still More Native Hill Country Shrubs and Small Trees Native shrubs, native trees
3/17/2011 Water, Water Everywhere rainwater, rainwater harvesting
3/10/2011 Fire in the Hill Country wildfire, prescribed burn, burn ban
3/3/2011 Common Hill Country Cacti Cactus, succulents, Tobusch
2/24/2011 Common Hill country Forbs Seldom Eaten by
Forb, Forbs not eaten
2/17/2011 Native Hill Country Squirrels Rock Squirrel, Eastern fox squirrel
2/10/11 Land Fragmentation:  What we are Doing to the Hill Country Breaking up ranches, carrying capacity, land stewardship inexperienced owners
2/3/2011 Harmless Hill Country Snakes garter snake, coachwhip, Texas rat snake, rough green, water snakes, hognose
1/27/2011 More Common Hill Country Shrubs Sumac, possumhaw, desert willow, dogwood,redbuds,kidneywood
1/20/2011 Animal Behavior Ethology, instinct, animal behavior
1/13/2011 Local State Parks Are Great Places To Go State Parks, Wildlife Management Areas
1/6/2011 Hill Country Foxes Foxes
12/30/2010 Soil: It's More than Dirt and More Valuable Than You Think Sand, silt, clay, soil
12/23/2010 Native Shrubs That Grow in Wet, Shady Areas False Indigo, buckeye, Carolina buckthorn, creek plum, buttonbush, American beautyberry, wafer ash, spicebush
12/16/2010 Hill Country Venomous Snakes venomous snakes, rattlesnakes, copperhead, coral snake, water moccasin, snake bites
12/9/2010 Winter is Coming Winter gardening like Mother Nature, bird feeding, water sources
12/2/2010 Two Common, But Unusual Hill Country Mammals Armadillo, opossum
11/25/2010 Native Evergreen Shrubs of the Hill Country Mountain laurel, cenizo, sumac, agrita, madrone, cedar, persimmon, poverty weed
11/18/2010 Understanding Our Furry Friends and Neighbors Raccoon, skunks
11/11/2010 Nature up Close--Observing Little Things of Wonder Nature up close, Aldo Leopold, nature-deficit disorder
11/4/2010 Common Hill Country Trees Other Than Oaks Cypress, elm, cherry, hackberry, pecan, sycamore, walnut, mesquite
10/28/2010 Effects of Modern Man on the Hill Country Effects of modern man on HC, Native Americans, settlers, continuous grazing, livestock
10/21/2010 What the Hill Country Was Like Before We Got Here Hill Country before Europeans, grasslands, bison, prairie fires
10/14/2010 Ahhh..Fall Fall, acorns, color changes
10/7/2010 How to Tend Our Gardens More Like Mother Nature Would Garden like Mother Nature, mowing, fertilizer, leaf raking
9/30/2010 How to Plant a Tree--There's More to it Than You Think How to plant a tree
9/23/2010 The Why, What, When and Where of Tree Planting why, what , when, where of tree planting
9/16/2010 Screwworm Fly Eradication: Local Lab Played Major Role in Eliminating the Pest from Texas Screwworm fly eradication
9/9/2010 What Are Those Critters Eating Out There What animals eat, browse, forbs, grass
9/2/2010 Saving Water and Work at the Same Time Saving water, mowing, mulch, drip irrigation
8/26/2010 Raindrops--Why Their Fate Matters to Us ALL Raindrops, seeps, springs, aquifer
8/19/2010 Oak Wilt--the Basics Oak Wilt
8/12/2010 Watching Grass Grow--It's More Interesting than You think Native grass characteristics, bunch grass
8/5/2010 Hill Country Oaks--More than Just Live Oaks Hill Country oaks, oaks
7/29/2010 Habitats. It's Where We All Live Habitat, diversity
7/22/2010 Some Plants That Might Not Be Eaten by Deer less-favored deer foods,
7/15/2010 What Can I Plant that the Deer Won't eat? Deer food preference, deer proof
7/8/2010 Plant Succession: How Mother Nature Rearranges Her Landscape and How We Are Involved Plant succession, prescribed burning
7/1/2010 The Experts that Can Help You Gov't experts, AgriLife, TPWD, NRCS, TFS
6/24/2010 Where Are All the Little Trees? Browse damage, hardwoods
6/17/2010 Native Plants Instead of Common Exotics Native plants, exotics, invasive
6/10/2010 It Ain't Like It Used To Be Myths
6/3/2010 What is a Naturalist Anyway naturalist





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